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Indiana State Sheriffs

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Are you looking for information on an Indiana State Sheriff? Sheriffs in Indiana take their job very seriously. Their main job is to keep inmates and citizens as safe as possible.

Indiana State Sheriffs: Overview

There are 92 counties in Indiana, which means there are 3,100 sheriffs in the state of Indiana. In Indiana, a county has to have a sheriff, which means they will serve a four-year term. But they can’t serve more than 2 terms. So, any Indiana State Sheriff is looking to serve in this position can only do so for 8 years. After their term is up, it’s time to move onto a different position.

Becoming an Indiana State Sheriff

Those who wish to become an Indiana State Sheriff can do so by going through the proper process. The steps to becoming an Indiana sheriff start with the following:

  • You’ll need to enroll in a police academy
  • Gain experience as a law enforcement officer
  • Gain a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice
  • Apply for office
  • Start your campaign
  • Work on getting elected

The interesting part of being an Indiana State Sheriff is that you have to be elected, you can’t be appointed. So, you will need to do research in making sure you’re running for sheriff in a town where you can get elected.

Many Jobs of the Sheriff

The crazy thing is that a sheriff may have a position, but he/she also runs several parts of the county. For an example, the sheriff may also be the tax collector. The sheriff may also help run the jail in that county.

Indiana State Sheriffs Hours

A typical Sheriff in Indiana works 40 hours, although their hours may vary according to where they’re needed. Of course, many work well over 40 hours. Although, that is something that is discussed when hired in and elected.

Offender Information: Sheriff County Offices and Jails

If you or someone you know was an offender in the state of Indiana, then you’ve probably come in to contact with the sheriff. Their job is to make sure policemen and the jail are doing their job. Offenders that are located in each jail are overseen by a sheriff in each county.

If you’re looking to find an offender in an Indiana jail, you will have to go to that website. Each county or city jail in Indiana has their own website. On each website is an offender search list. Keep this in mind as you look for an inmate.

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