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Stewart County Jail, TN Inmate Search, Visitation Hours

Updated on: May 31, 2024
117 Donelson Parkway PO Box 69, Dover, TN, 37058
Stewart County Jail

Stewart County Jail is located in Dover, Tennessee. The Stewart County Jail employs Sergeants and five Lieutenants, as well as sworn personnel who supervise the facility 24/7.

The inmates in Stewart County Jail were convicted of felony and misdemeanor crimes. However, there are some inmates that are still awaiting trial and other inmates that are waiting to be transferred to a Tennessee Department of Correction prison to serve their sentence.

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How to Find Someone in Stewart County Jail

To do an inmate search the Stewart County Jail has their roster availible to the public on the Stewart County Jail website.

The Stewart County Jail roster is bassically an exel sheet that you can search an inmate by their date they were confined or by their last name. You can not use any other identifying information which is differnt than most rosters.

You will be able to find the inmate's personal identifying information, where they were arrested, alongside what agency arrested them, past and present charges as well as their Texas mugshot when doing a succesful inmate search.

Inmate Records Search

Find Arrest & Court records, Mugshots and Contact Info.

Sending a Mail/Care Package

At the Stewart County Jail inmates can receive written letters from family and friends. Inmates can also receive paperback books and newspapers, however the must be sent from the publisher so they are not allowed to be sent from a personal address. Hardback books are not allowed.

Inmates are not allowed to receive a number of things in the mail which includes, tattoo pictures, song lyrics, stamps, stains, puzzle books, postcards, pictures larger than 5"x7", nudity pictures, money orders, magazines, internet print outs, greeting cards, coloring or shading, crayons, cash and books. 

Your personal letter can be sent to the following address:

Stewart County Jail
Inmate’s Full Name
117 Donelson Parkway PO Box 69, Dover, TN, 37058

Putting your return address on any and all correspondence is a good idea in case is not allowed. That way it will get sent back to you.

Sending Money

There are three ways that the Stewart County Jail provides for family and friends can send money to an inmate. Using any of the three options listed below will allow you to instantly put money into an inmate's account.


In the lobby of the Stewart County Jail there are kiosks which look like an ATM but the only purpose of a kiosk is to deposit funds into an inmate's commissary account. Debit and credit cards that are either MasterCard or Visa and $5 bills and larger are accepted in the kiosk

There is a $4 service fee for deposits that are up to $300. This service is availible 24 hours a day.


Making a telephone deposit using your VISA or MasterCard credit card call this toll-free number at 931-232-5322. The fees for this phone deposit service is listed below

Phone calls

Inmates at one point were able to purchase a phone card from the commissary, however, things have changed and they aren't allowed to do that anymore. However, inmates can still purchase time increments from the commissary.

If you, a friend, or a family member would like to fund their account from the outside you can choose to do so.

Securus Technologies contracts with Stewart County Jail for their telephone service. There are 3 different plans listed below that the company offers for you to choose from.

Advance Connect

This is a prepaid calling option which is a great option if you are trying to stick to a budget since you will be in control of how much money you are paying for the phone service. 

Direct Bill

With this option, you will get billed each month for the service you used.  You basically have your own personal phone service.  If you do not pay attention to how long you are talking on the phone this option will get pricey.

This plan is great for friends and family of the inmates who will be incarcerated for a long time. It will come in handy when having to make calls to bail bondsmen, and attorneys.

Keep in mind, to qualify, this plan requires a credit check.

Inmate Debit

Inmates can fund their own telephone account with this option. Unlike the first two options, you don't have to make an account with this option since the debt comes directly from the inmate's phone account.

The account will not be tied to your name, however, you can still put money into their account.


Stewart County Jail inmates do not exactly have internet. They do however have access to their Securus Technology account.

Through the Securus Technology account you can send the following things listed below:

  • Use Snap n' Send (on the mobile app only)
  • Up to 5 eCards
  • Up to 5 Pictures
  • Emails

You get a reply from the inmate as well if you decide to prepay.

This service is ran through your online Securus service account. Through their Securus mobile app you will be able to send and receive messages.

To send messages you will need to purchase a book of stamps. The stamp pricing will show once you select the inmate you are wanting to eMessage.

Through this system, all communication is monitored. You will receive a rejection message and if your photos and/or messages are not within the guidelines. You will not get refunded for any stamps you used with any rejected mail that wasn't within the guidelines.

Visiting Rules

The Stewart County Jail inmates can receive visitors. The visitation schedule is structured by the inmates last name. 

Before you can visit you will need to make sure you bring your government ID and pass a metal detector.

There is a dress code that all visitors must follow, You cannot wear the clothing listed below:

  • See through clothing
  • Rips or ears in jeans
  • Spandex
  • Sleeveless clothing
  • Dress or Shorts higher than 3-inches above the knee

Make sure you put all your belongings in your car since you are not allowed to bring anything in the jail. 

If you fail to follow these rules you will be denied visitation.

Stewart County Sheriffs Department

Address: 117 Donelson Parkway, Dover, Tennessee, 37058
Phone: 931-232-5322
Fax: 931-232-7948

Inmate Mailing Address

Inmate Name, ID, Housing #
Stewart County Jail
117 Donelson Parkway PO Box 69, Dover, TN, 37058

Stewart County Jail Information

Jail Name Stewart County Jail
Jail Type County Jail
Location 117 Donelson Parkway PO Box 69, Dover, TN, 37058
Phone 931-232-5322
City Dover
Postal Code 37058
State Tennessee
County Stewart County
Jail Webpage website

Visitation Hours

Sunday 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
Monday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Tuesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Thursday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM

How Often Can I Visit?

Inmates are allowed Two 20-minute visits per week.

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